That’s how Citylife Amsterdam enjoys the sunny days…

Let’s admit it—the sunny days in the Netherlands are quite scarce. That’s why EVERYONE wants to enjoy this rare occasion as much as possible. And what’s a better way to gather some sunshine than having an awesome BBQ in the park?
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Hi guys! My name is Iliyana and I’m a Bulgarian city-girl who lives in the Netherlands. I first landed in Utrecht four years ago (boy, do I feel old!) in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in International Business. After some hot summers spent in my native Bulgaria and the-most-awesome Erasmus time in Madrid, I’m back to the Dutch rainy-cloudy weather for a Social media marketing internship. Continue reading →

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🌍✨ “Amsterdam is the noise of the bicycle wheels” ✨🌍 Serena’s story!

I have so many things to tell you about Amsterdam, but I don’t know where to start. The reaction of every person before my departure was always the same: «Will you go to the coffee shops?» or «Be careful and don’t lose yourself in the Red Light District». If you don’t know Amsterdam these are the first things that people think about, but they aren’t the only things that this city offers.

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Jenn’s experience

You know when you’re about to leave a place like home, and suddenly everything begins to get fun and makes it difficult to leave? That’s exactly how I felt leaving Scotland for my Erasmus exchange to Amsterdam.

All I had wanted since first year was to experience studying abroad, meeting new people and soaking up a different culture and all that. But when given the – last minute – opportunity, I no longer wanted it.

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Moving to Amsterdam

Moving to Amsterdam | Tips from Joana

After my graduation, I tried to find a job in my native country, Italy, with no success. I decided to move, also full of the feelings and memories I had experienced after moving to Spain. Why Amsterdam? Everybody asks this question but I don’t really have an answer. I had never visited The Netherlands before moving here. I just packed my stuff and caught my flight. I can say for sure that it is not the weed, the legalized drugs and the crazy life that brought me here. I came to Amsterdam to find myself, to prove myself that I could build a new life in a new place, with new people; to demonstrate that I am free to be myself and to mold my own life the way I like the most.

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AMSTERDAM: hidden places you would have never known if I hadn’t told you!

Hello Expat! Welcome to Amsterdam!

I am pretty sure you are quite stressed out in finding a roof above your head and you are dreaming of “ SCAMMERS-SCAMMERS-SCAMMERS” all nights! I can definitely tell that because I have experienced the same! It won’t be easy my friend but, good things take time and patience and I can ensure that it is absolutely worth it! So don’t give up and let me explain why your efforts will bring you a magnificent discover.

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Totally worth it – Why to go abroad? ✈ ?

Hello, random person reading this post. My name is Leo Brodin and I am from Stockholm. I assume that you are considering going to Amsterdam or at least going abroad. If I am wrong and you aren’t considering it, start to do so. It is. totally. worth. it. Still not sold at the idea of leaving everything behind and going abroad on an adventure you won’t forget? Well, I can’t really blame you, all you have read so far is words of praise, five of them in bold text. Let me try to convince you by telling you my story!

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How to find a room in Amsterdam? ?

Hello internationals from all over the world!! How are y’all doing?
I guess you all know the struggle of finding a room in Amsterdam; even locals are having a hard time.
In order to help you all out, read this manual of finding a room in Amsterdam.

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Top 19 things to do in Amsterdam

Top 19 things to do in Amsterdam

With its picturesque canal network, rich history and vibrant cultural scene, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the world’s most unique city destinations.

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Free activities and visits in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam there are plenty of things to do for free. Perfect for whatever reason you have not to spend money and to enjoy the city anyway! And trust us that Amsterdam is cool, even without spending anything. We made a list with the nicest free things to do in Amsterdam so that you won’t get bored when your budget is low. Everything is completely for free! Perfect for the visitors of our beautiful city but also for the locals. Get to know the city even better and check our list with our favourite free things to do in Amsterdam!

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The Coolest Beer Breweries of Amsterdam

What would be Amsterdam without its breweries? Places to enjoy unusual and handcrafted beers can be find at every corner of the city. Amsterdam indeed counts more than 40 beer breweries in the city center! Some of these breweries even let you around the processing steps of beer making and offer you a tasting of several handcrafted specialities. With that much places to explore, let us guide you to the best and most popular spots to enjoy a well-deserved drink. Cheers!

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Blog about Nightlife in Amsterdam

Nightlife Amsterdam

 • Amsterdam’s Nightlife! 

In Amsterdam there are a lot of different nightclubs.
Every year in October the Amsterdam Dance Event Festival is held, a must go!
The nightlife in Amsterdam is all-round; there are many different scenes you can enjoy!

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