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The Bike Instruction Manual for Amsterdam ?

There are more bikes in Amsterdam than inhabitants. In October of 2016 there were 881.000 bikes in Amsterdam on 834.713 inhabitants. That is quite a lot right? And there are still some bikes in the canals. Because sometimes, I think, drunk people throw them in…

Because on an age when we just learned to walk we step on a tricycle, we grow up with cycling. It does not matter if you grow up in the city or on the countryside. We all learned it. That is the reason we don’t wear helmets. We are badass good at cycling! We do not have to think about it. Instead of most tourists, expats or exchangers who aren’t cycling on a daily or monthly base in your own country. That is totally oké. But you guys terror our streets with unskilled cycle set-ups. So that is why I want to give you a small instruction manual. Because you think it is easy and so simple, but you keep terrorising our streets!

  1. Learn how to bike on a place where are not to many cars or other bikers, we know you want to explore our lovely city as quick as possible, but please make sure you can bike for my and your own safety.
  2. For everyone is a own area to walk, bike or drive on. For pedestrians there is always a sidewalk, most of the time this is higher than the rest of the streets. For the ones on a bike we have a strip, that is most of the time red or marked with a bike on it. PLEASE do not walk on this. Please respond to our ‘’rings’’ from the bikes. We make this sound to alarm you we are coming. We like to cycle fast and do not want to hit you with our bike!
  3. Do not ring because it is fun and don’t pretent you have a bell for the first time in your life.
  4. It is fun to cycle with your friends and to make selfies when your cycling all next to each other. But our streets are small and probably 10 people want to pass you. We only use it to go from A to B. Keep this in mind.
  5. Because we love bikes we have a lot of parking space for it, it is safer (maybe a junkie wants to steal your bike and sell it in the night), but also in this way pedestrians can walk on the sidewalk.
  6. Places like Rembrandt Plein, De Dam or Leidse Plein are crowded. This is not just for pedestrians but also for cyclists (oh and trams). Be aware of us Dutchies on bikes because not brick is made for walking.
  7. Watch out for the tram rails on the streets. You do not want your tire to get in there while cycling… you will fall. Full face, face down. #itsafact
  8. Last but not least, also for us it is harder to cycle when drunk. Even we fall of our bikes in such conditions. I recommend to leave your bike on its parking spot and take a cab. You can find more info about calling a cab here

9. Watch this super funny video below with tips and tricks about cycling in Amsterdam!!

Hopefully, in the future, someday, we can all bike happy together. Happy cycling!

– By Ilomé ©

Looking for a recommendable place to rent a bike? Fietsenwinkel Heinkenplein – Quellijnstraat 90H – Phone: +31204711148

Next to the Heineken Experience, very kind staff and long opening hours. Check out there website here.

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