How to find a room in Amsterdam? ?

Hello internationals from all over the world!! How are y’all doing?
I guess you all know the struggle of finding a room in Amsterdam; even locals are having a hard time.
In order to help you all out, read this manual of finding a room in Amsterdam.

For starters, Facebook is a medium where you can get in touch with people from all over the world, even if you do not even know them.

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» First join the group Citylife Amsterdam International students
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Scammers, how do they work? Most times they let you pay in advance, without a viewing inside the apartment or room. You only can see it from outside. No, says the landlord, I am in the UK, in South Africa or on the moon. But not able to give you a viewing inside the apartment. (Because he isn’t the owner of the property!)

My advice: don’t pay in advance! Never! But always have a look inside the apartment and (!) meet the landlord.

But how do you #protect yourself to be #scammed?

1. Check the #profile of the advertiser. Google the name of the advertiser, together with ‘room’ or ‘apartment’. Does the advertiser advert in many cities? Wrong. Or right click at the advert, Google search, and maybe it seems that the advertiser places the same advert in Dublin, Munich or Geneva! Wrong of course!!
2. Do the same at Facebook. Name of the advertiser. You will see the posts in the public groups and the common groups with you. Posts in #many#cities for real estate? #Wrong!
3. A profile with less than 30 friends? Might be wrong.
4. A mostly #hidden profile? No pictures, friends, timeline visible? Look out!
5. At posts of scammers, you often #cannot #reply! Only like. So If you see such an advert, you are nearly sure that it is scam.
6. Don’t pay in #advance, before you have viewed the apartment or room inside! Never! Even if you are abroad now.
7. You pay #after you have been #inside the apartment, #met the landlord and discussed and signed the rent #contract. And you have listened to your #feeling? Do I #trust the landlord!?
8. Never pay via #Western #Union bank.
9. You have seen my #list of scammers at my profile ! Just updated!
10. Doubts about the reliability of advertisers? Don’t hesitate to ask my view!

To see the names of all scammers in the Netherlands click on this link

To help you out with your room search Citylife recommends you to first post a message in these following Facebook groups:

Housing groups Amsterdam:





Rooms in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Apartments 4 rent

Find a room (mate) or house in Amsterdam/kamer(s) in Amsterdam

Woning te huur in Amsterdam/Housing for rent in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam – Rent room studio apartment 2017





Housing through DUWO:
You only can rent through DUWO if you are enrolled at, or accepted by, one of these educational institutions. 

Academic Medical Center 
Amsterdam University College
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Inholland Amsterdam/Diemen, University of Applied Sciences
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences (HvA)
International Institute of Social History
National Institute of Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF)
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN)
Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao
Tio University of Applied Sciences

University of Amsterdam:

VU University Amsterdam:

There are a lot of rooms available in Uilenstede, it’s like a student village and the house prices are around 350 per month. To


look for rooms at Uilenstede / sublet a room check out these Facebook groups:
Uilenstede International Students


Moving to Amsterdam but still no room? Yestudent opens the doors of thousands of local students. How? Simply by connecting young locals with those traveling to their city for a short stay.
Travel everywhere in the world for 15€/night, in +28 countries. 
More information here.

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