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A friend from Spain was visiting me in Amsterdam and, of course, there are high expectations of the parties here. I decided to bring her to Thuishaven, which I had never gone before but looked amazing.

It is an outdoor techno party given every Sunday in Amsterdam from 1 a.m till 11 p.m. We went at 3 p.m with a Spanish, Chilean and a Dutch friend. It was a sunny day but a bit too hot. We arrived there and first of all, the atmosphere was amazing and gezellig. The crowd dressed with kind of “coachella” style clothes and all were young people. We got our face painted by some staff that had cool bright paints for everyone.  There were some sofas and chill areas to hang out and drink some beers.

It wasn’t until 5 when there was a crowd dancing in front of the DJ. I expected a crowd like in a festival, where you can’t even move, however you always had space to dance which was very nice. The music was techno, deep house, and psychedelic and it was very nice to see the sunset while dancing. Drinks weren’t that expensive (beer was around 2€ I think). The floor was sand, like in the beach, so I was without shoes all the time which was fun to experience and also it wasn’t dangerous because there was no glass around. The great atmosphere lasted till the end and it was definitely a party worth to repeat.

— By Violeta ©

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