That’s how Citylife Amsterdam enjoys the sunny days…

Let’s admit it—the sunny days in the Netherlands are quite scarce. That’s why EVERYONE wants to enjoy this rare occasion as much as possible. And what’s a better way to gather some sunshine than having an awesome BBQ in the park?

That Sunday afternoon was my first #CitylifeAmsterdam event—and I simply loved it. As humans, we are created with an intrinsic need for belonging and that’s what Justine has managed to build—a community of diverse yet similarly-minded people, all in search of joy and adventure. Being part of the Citylife BBQ was a recharging experience which connected friendly and open-minded Erasmus students, expats and locals. If you’d ask how many nationalities I met in just a couple of hours, honestly, I have no idea. There were people from Spain, Brazil, USA, Grand Canary, Italy, France, Colombia and many more. Really, really great people.

And the food, oh, the food! I guess, nothing brings people together like good food. Kudos to the guys who grilled on and on! They did the porkin’, we did the forkin’. Gracias, chicos 😉

That’s how Citylife Amsterdam enjoys the sunny days. Do you want to join the Citylife community?

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– by Iliyana @twentysomethingslife 





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