Jenn’s experience

You know when you’re about to leave a place like home, and suddenly everything begins to get fun and makes it difficult to leave? That’s exactly how I felt leaving Scotland for my Erasmus exchange to Amsterdam.

All I had wanted since first year was to experience studying abroad, meeting new people and soaking up a different culture and all that. But when given the – last minute – opportunity, I no longer wanted it.

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Moving to Amsterdam

Moving to Amsterdam | Tips from Joana

After my graduation, I tried to find a job in my native country, Italy, with no success. I decided to move, also full of the feelings and memories I had experienced after moving to Spain. Why Amsterdam? Everybody asks this question but I don’t really have an answer. I had never visited The Netherlands before moving here. I just packed my stuff and caught my flight. I can say for sure that it is not the weed, the legalized drugs and the crazy life that brought me here. I came to Amsterdam to find myself, to prove myself that I could build a new life in a new place, with new people; to demonstrate that I am free to be myself and to mold my own life the way I like the most.

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AMSTERDAM: hidden places you would have never known if I hadn’t told you!

Hello Expat! Welcome to Amsterdam!

I am pretty sure you are quite stressed out in finding a roof above your head and you are dreaming of “ SCAMMERS-SCAMMERS-SCAMMERS” all nights! I can definitely tell that because I have experienced the same! It won’t be easy my friend but, good things take time and patience and I can ensure that it is absolutely worth it! So don’t give up and let me explain why your efforts will bring you a magnificent discover.

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